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     There's a great new PE book on the shelves...

110 games to support whole-child development from September to July

110 games to support whole-child development from September to July

Teaching Skills using Invisiball (page 162)

The game of Invisiball is a superb tool for teaching attacking, defending, team work and playing by the rules. In this video post, we show what the game looks like in action, as well as how to use the game to teach skills. 


I'm Mark Carter

My passion is play, and in particular the joy and connection that happen when people come together to play and move.

I am a teacher and coach who works with schools to deliver high-quality PE programmes. I was previously Regional PE and Coaching in Education Coordinator at the Football Association and have directed the PE Network at Future Zone Education in north London since 2014. I have been a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for a Fit and Healthy Childhood. 

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A Year of Primary PE

This new book for teachers and coaches offers over 100 indoor and outdoor games that will engage, involve and improve the abilities of every child in your class. Through exciting team games like Noodle Rounders, Sitting Volleyball and Kabaddi, children will practice and develop their movement, sport, people and thinking skills. 

Each month focuses on a theme, starting with 'Working Together' in September and 'Thinking of Others' in October. These core social and inclusion skills are built on as the year progresses and serve as essential building blocks for later themes. Later in the year, monthly themes on attacking, defending and being part of a team, help children grow in confidence while taking part in a wide variety of age-appropriate and modified games. 

"This is an interactive book of wonders.

Teachers can play with a wide range of activities, pedagogical tools and research links to create inclusive, active and meaningful learning moments in PE" 

- Dr Julie Pearson @Jools_CP

Senior Lecturer and Course Lead for Primary PGCE (PE Specialism) at St Mary's University, Twickenham

Take a look inside...

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Clear step-by-step instructions
  • Makes setting-up, facilitating and progressing the game easy
  • Every game starts off as a simple version, for a quick start to lessons
  • Photographs show games in action

11 monthly chapters

88 colour pictures of games in action

Adaptations and AfL questions
  • Adjust every game for the needs of the class and for each child within the class
  • Each monthly theme and every game links directly to KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum content
  • Engaging questions and discussions mean children can explore skills and build understanding
'How to' sections and Cross-curricular links
  • Powerful links between games and classroom subjects and topics 
  • Valuable advice and top tips on how to make games work well for your class
  • Theoretical frameworks like 'Sport Education' explored and demonstrated


To support teachers using 'A Year of Primary PE', here is a free download of our 4 THINGS resource. Packed full of bite-sized ideas, top tips and handy hints to make a quick difference to your PE delivery. 

"This is a must-have book for every primary school.

Mark's passion for PE, grounded in experience, shines through and he offers an alternative approach that focuses on the holistic development of every learner, as well as developing physical skills. Every activity is carefully planned, tried and test, engaging and purposeful" 

- Sarah Watkins @mini_lebowski

Ex-Head Teacher, Author and Associate HE Lecturer 

Mark Carter on the PE Umbrella podcast

Listen to Mark talking about some of the ideas behind the book and some of the games he uses to explore key learning themes. 

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