Teaching Invisiball

Teaching through games can be a challenge for many primary teachers. The mix of abilities and the competitive nature of the games are hard to manage. Some of the games in A Year of Primary PE are particularly tricky, and Invisiball is one of them. On this page, we introduce the game via a quick video and then look at how we might teach skills using the game. 

When teaching primary PE, we need to bring the classroom with us into the playground or hall. This can be achieved by considering the teaching process, vocabulary and pedagogies from a literacy or numeracy lesson and adapting them for PE. 

With thanks to the staff and children at Kimbolton School. 

Invisiball is one of 110 games in 'A Year of Primary PE'

A Year of Primary PE: 110 games  to support whole-child development from September to July

A must-have for every primary school


This book is a must-have for every primary school. Mark’s passion for PE, grounded in experience, shines through and he offers an alternative approach that focuses on the holistic development of each learner, as well as developing physical skills. Every activity is carefully planned, tried and tested, engaging and purposeful.